1. Is HAZE an external IOT module that I connect to my current PCB through I2C or UART?
A. Haze is a deep integration into your PCB. It is not an external module. Your current processor and embedded code is replaced with the HAZE hardware design.

2. Isn't it faster to just put an external IOT module, instead of modifying my PCB?
A. It may appear so, but an external IOT module will still need you to modify the embedded code on your processor to be useful. A total HAZE project including PCB, Embedded, Servers, Mobile apps etc. is faster to implement, than a module based solution.

3. What is the advantage of adding HAZE into the PCB, as compared to an external IOT module?
A. A direct pin level control of your PCB from the server, cannot be compared to an external module talking to an SPI or UART pin on your processor. HAZE is deep integration, which allows you to completely change the programming of your PCB from the server. Since it is implemented at the ARM CPU level, it provides you with very powerful capabilities in programming your device.
In addition, if you came up with a complex report requirement after your machine is deployed, the only way to gather the data for the report is to dump everything to the server, and then analyze it on the server. Since HAZE is reprogrammable with simple drag and drop, it allows you to deploy the report itself on the machine to calculate and send the results back. Try running this report using your external IOT module: "What is the average power consumed per month, for 1 million devices, measured every 5 seconds?" This would be impossible to run with an IOT module as it would be too heavy to send all this data to the server. On HAZE it just needs to send the average of a value measured every 5 seconds for one month, once a month to the server.

4. What about my current circuits, it took me many years to perfect the power circuits on my board?
A. A HAZE platform implementation keeps your current reliable circuits intact. It only changes your processor and adds the communication infrastructure. This way you get the best of both worlds, a brand new and powerful processor with full internet connectivity, as well as your old power circuits intact.

5. Will you provide new Gerber files for me to make a HAZE PCB?
A. Yes. We provide Gerber files and circuit diagrams for your HAZE PCB so you are free to manufacture it anywhere.

6. Do I need to implement HAZE with my engineering resources?
A. No. There is no overhead for you to get the HAZE platform into your device. Artificial Machines will implement HAZE completely with all the 8 projects defined on the home page. You just need to give us your current product, and we will give you a HAZE Smart device back, along with the servers and Mobile apps customized to your requirements.

7. Will I need to use common servers of HAZE or will I get my own instance of servers?
A. With HAZE you get your own instance of servers and Mobile apps, which you can host in the cloud or in your infrastructure.

8. Is HAZE a Wifi technology, or is it RF, Bluetooth or GSM?
A. HAZE includes circuits for all of the above as well as Ethernet and CAN. A HAZE PCB will typically include all communication circuits, it is up to you to decide which components to install.

9. How do I find out more about the HAZE platform?
A. You can send us an e-mail at sales@artificialmachines.com and we would be happy to setup demos to show you the value of the HAZE smart platform for your products.