The HAZE Platform or Heuristically Advanced Zonal Ecosystem, is a comprehensive IOT (Internet of Things) platform. HAZE includes an end-to-end offering of all the tools and technologies you need to make your product SMART, and internet enabled.

HAZE is completely implemented for you by Artificial Machines (, a company with many years of experience in IOT. Artificial Machines licenses HAZE to customers, and provides a service to customize HAZE as per the requirements of the customer. This allows you to upgrade any product to the HAZE platform without any internal efforts.

HAZE includes the following modules:

Hardware modification: Your current PCB is modified to include the HAZE circuits. These include an ARM processor, Wifi, Bluetooth, RF and GSM circuits. You can choose between any combinations of choices to connect your device to the internet. Since HAZE is deep integration in your circuitry, it allows you to control your system at the pin level from the server. An external wifi module just cannot provide you the same level of flexibility, as a HAZE PCB can. HAZE is also completely reprogrammable from the server, which means you can add more functionality to the device later.

Embedded Software: Your new PCB will have new embedded software for the ARM processor, along with several enhancements. The HAZE product will be secure, will be able to talk to servers, and re-program itself based on programs sent from your HAZE server. It includes several helpful libraries, as well as an RTOS to run a lot of programs in parallel on your beefed up HAZE PCB.

HAZE Connectivity and Analytics Server: This server manages your HAZE devices and provides a host of innovations in connectivity and analytics. A Rapid Application Development toolkit allows for OEM's to create code for devices using a flowcharting tool, and without writing a single line of code. Remote deployment of fresh ideas allows you to innovate daily, instead of a few months.

HAZE ERP API SERVER: Haze allows you to connect your HAZE data from devices to your ERP servers. If your device has a problem, it can talk directly to your service network. If you need analytics about a customer or a part number, you can easily get this from the integration between HAZE and your ERP servers.

HAZE CMS SERVER: An integrated content management system allows you to send marketing messages to your customers on the HAZE Mobile apps. Since HAZE Mobile apps are control and analytics apps, your customers are less likely to delete them, as compared to your marketing apps. Your captive audience on HAZE is now directly accessible through the HAZE CMS Server.

iOS Apps: You get a custom HAZE app for iOS devices, which can be programmed from the HAZE server. This allows you to deploy your UI to your devices to these apps. iOS apps include iPhone, iPad as well as iWatch.

Android Apps: You also get a custom app for the Android Phone, Tablet and Wearables. All these apps can be populated with UI from the HAZE Servers.

Windows Mobile Apps: Windows Mobile apps are also included.

The HAZE Software is delivered to customers directly as per the license agreement, once it is implemented in the products.